Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Is your school running efficiently ?? CONFUSED ?

"The Actual Problem is that the Schools Do Not Know what their Problem areas are"

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Office Administration:

1. Fee Accounting
  1. How much time is your accountant spending in finding the students who are yet to pay the fees and notifying the parents to pay it?
  2. How much time is spent to manually maintain a variety of excel reports reflecting fee collections, dues, daily collection, monthly collections, fee type wise collections, total collection etc.
2. Salary Processing
  1. How much time is spent in processing everyone’s salary for selected month?
  2. If applicable how you calculate the salary for employees working on clock hour basis?
  3. How are TDS and savings handled
  4.  How much time is spent to manually maintain a variety of excel reports like monthly salary sheets, yearly salary sheets, TDS reports, bank wise salary reports etc.

  1. How well is the teaching planned and executed by your teachers?
  2. Which all tools and methodologies are used for teaching ?
  3. How much variety can you find in nature of exams conducted to test student’s expertise ? (Can your teacher know her students who are good speakers but fail to express the same in written format due to lack of expertise in spelling construction ?).

School Evaluation Questionnaire:

1. How is school rating by Parents/students and Teachers handled? Do you get a feedback form filled manually by each asset and then manually consolidate the results to arrive at a rating for your schools different heads?

School Performance:

1. Can your class teacher/ subject teacher tell you average performance of every class in a go?
2. Can your teacher immediately point out students who require remedial teaching in corresponding subjects/ Co-Scholastics Skills?
3. Can you tell which class’s performance has improved/ degraded over the time?
4. Are there students who have excelled fairly after remedial teaching?


1. Is your librarian in a position to tell which books need more copies as they are more popular ?
2. Does your school have a dedicated library report card where student’s reading interests are plotted down?


1. How do you maintain stock logs/ depreciation logs ?
2. How well is complain tracking against respective inventories handled at your school ?

Evidence Management and Board Uploads:

1. How are evidences against evaluations managed at your school?
2. How much time do your teachers spend in gathering the evidences and sending to CBSE when EOA’s are to be submitted?
3. How much time do your teachers spend in uploading marks to Board’s server?

Parent Communication:

1. How fast can your school convey any message to all the parents? 


Is, not knowing the PROBLEM the biggest problem for schools ?

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